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"My children have been attending Tennyson Playcare for about 7 months. I am very pleased as the daycare is very structured, organized and have very caring teachers. My children, 3 years and 8 months are both greeted every morning and I love the direct acknowledgement towards my children. The teachers and director are very informative whether my children are sick or have been in time out for punishment. The staff listens to concerns and act upon them when necessary. The teaching style through play has made a mark on my 3 year old. He has come home with big words that are impressive such as "constellation", "congestion" and "obedient". He can recite the pledge of allegiance, which shows me that the staff if very interactive with the children. I also see that the staff enforces good manners, respect and responsibility through my child’s actions at home. He has also been involved in a terrific program that the daycare initiates called "TOTS". . When I leave my children at daycare, I have NO worry that they are not being watched closely. I am more than comfortable and confident with the leadership of the daycare staff and director. They do their jobs beyond the call of duty. BY FAR, this daycare has proven to be a wonderful and a positive choice in our decision for childcare. As parents, my husband and I are very particular with our children and would not leave them just anywhere. We visited the daycare before enrolling our children, walked through the rooms and asked many questions. The director was straight forward and forthright in her answers. We felt that we were dealing with a real person who answered us in a direct way and not just what we wanted to hear. It is my strong opinion and great appreciation that my children attend a fantastic daycare. The daycare is one that I would highly recommend to others." -Sandi & Chad

"It is an outstanding daycare"

"The BEST Daycare in Waco! All three of my children have gone to Tennyson Playcare. The youngest still attends, and the middle child attends during school holidays. It is an outstanding daycare. Many daycares have a high turnover but most of the teachers that work at Tennyson have been there for many years. This makes it feel as if my children are staying with extended family. They have known these teachers since they were babies. When we walk in the door, they hear their name called and a teacher tells them good morning. It is so hard to leave your children and go to work every morning but as a mother, it makes me feel good to know my children are with people who will care for and love them almost as much as I do." - Carrie

"This is an amazing daycare"

"The daycare is one that I would highly recommend to others."

"Most nurturing infant teachers"

"I am a parent of a child who currently attends Tennyson Playcare Center and only regrets not switching my child sooner. I made the best decision moving my child to Tennyson Playcare. She seems to be healthier and happier. We enjoy the breakfast and lunches provided at the center and the care these teachers have with these children. This center has the most nurturing infant teachers that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, Kudos to you! This center provides a learning environment, and I enjoy knowing she is just not playing all day, but has instruction. My child is learning her ABC's and is learning numbers and is not quite 2 yrs. old. I sincerely appreciate your help in caring for my child and will continue to support you." - Truthful Parent

"They were taught the basics of education and how to play well"

"A Great Place to Grow Up! My children & grandchild have attended Tennyson Playcare along with nieces and nephews. My family has 20 plus years’ experience with Tennyson Playcare. The staff at Tennyson cares for the children as if they were their own. Many of the staffs have been there for several years. They have seen both my children and grandchild grow up there. My children have experienced the care from the infants’ class to the school-agers class and have learned so much. They were taught the basics of education and how to play well and get along with others, something that a lot of kids now days are missing. This is an important factor in growing up! At Tennyson, they believe in learning through play. Making it fun! The way it should be! My granddaughter leaves there happy each day and is excited to return each morning." - Angela

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"I have been using Tennyson for 4 1/2 years, and I also attended there in 1985, and this is an amazing daycare. My daughter is happy every day and learns so much she surprises me daily. I have never had a problem with them taking care of her and I don’t trust anyone with my child. All the teachers are amazing and love their job, and the director has been there since I went to daycare at Tennyson. The school is set up so you can come by any time or call any time to check on your little one, and they serve breakfast, lunch and a snack. This is a great program they have, and I would recommend to all of my friends and family."   -Nicole


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