Touching Hearts and Building Minds Since 1971


If you have any comments or suggestions regarding our daycare facility or our programs, we will listen to them with an attentive ear. We welcome the opportunity to care for your children and always encourage our parents to drop by at any time and visit with us!

All children need to love and be loved

We believe that all children need love and be loved, they also want to please and to learn. It’s important for all children to have plenty of activity to explore the world around them using all of their senses.


Our programs are designed to be nurturing and aid children in emotional, social, physical, and mental development. We encourage children to be independent and responsible. We believe that children learn best when they’re allowed to play. The use of play teaches the development of self-concept and helps children relate to others better.

• Daycare services with special activities, field trips, balanced meals, and family rates.

• We provide ample room fully equipped for children to play with proper supervision.

• We encourage children to learn through play.

Our programs encourage children to use all five senses.

We provide the best care for infants to 6 years of age. Call us for

more information!

We provide a safe atmosphere and many playful activities that promote learning opportunities. All of our staff members have undergone at least 30 hours of training each year, they’re also infant and child CPR certified.

Our services include:

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome 

We are a CCS Vendor.  We also participate in the state food program.


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